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Proven Features that 
make the Difference 

Accelerate your property deal search with
filtered leads, property data, analysis and deal packaging tools, and time-limited bonuses worth £3,750

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Pre-evaluated property leads

BrickPal reaches out to find the property leads saving you from the boring mundane stuff of sifting large numbers of properties.

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Property leads
added daily

BrickPal tirelessly works day in and day out looking for interesting property and adds often hundreds every day.

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Successful strategies

BrickPal finds the most popular approaches to property investing.  Including Unmodernised, HMO Co-living, Sales falling through, Repossessions, Short leases, Quick sales, Reduced prices, Cash buyer only, Tenanted, BMV and Portfolios.

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deal analysis

BrickPal estimates all the key numbers for you to see if it meets your criteria.  If it does, then you can deep dive the property to make sure.

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Comparables at your finger tips

BrickPal looks at other properties in the vicinity to see how the property you are looking at compares.  Is it below or above?

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Rightmove Chrome Extension

BrickPal includes a Rightmove Chrome Extension so that you can play with the numbers and analyse a property on Rightmove.

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Value add return
booster wizard

The BrickPal Chrome Extension includes the Return Booster wizard to help you work out if the property can be enhanced for more cashflow.

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Upload your
pacakged deals

BrickPal allows you to upload your packaged deals so that users can see them and contact you if interested.

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24x7 UK wide
property alerts 

Tell BrickPal about your investment criteria and BrickPal will email you as soon as a property comes on that meets it.

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Filter property leads by your criteria

BrickPal allows you to filter thousands of properties by sophisticated filters including cashflow, price and postcode.


Access to our professional team

We have pulled together an amazing UK wide power team that can help you with specialist advice and guide you on your property journey.


Access to exclusive offers

We often hear about exclusive offers and we will share them with our users.

Wealth Flowchart.png

Everything we wish we had when starting

Building wealth is learnable repeatable process.  We will teach you the exact process we went through and BrickPal will save you time.

Property Flow.png

Property Success Blueprint

Investing in property is a sequence of activities that if followed, will get a specific result.  We help you every step of the way.

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Find great deals the easy way

BrickPal filters properties and finds leads that meet a minimum criteria so that you don't waste your valuable time.


A ready made network of experts and specialists waiting to help

Property is a people game and we have brought together experts and specialists to help you on your property journey.

Clapham pin.jpg

Join our growing community.  Stronger together

BrickPal brings like minded people together and empowers them with build life on their own terms through property.

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Lock-in great
value plan

Our users guide us to enhance BrickPal to add the most value we can.  Join our community to help shape the future.  Secure the best value plan

as it will go up in the future. 

Time-limited educational bonuses worth £3,750

Property Investor Strategy Call

A 30-minute coaching call explore your goals, suitable strategies and focus with a coach who has built their own property portfolio.

Worth £200

Wealth Creation Flowchart

Building long term wealth is a process and knowing it greatly increases your chances of success.  We share this invaluable process flow to guide you on your journey.

Worth £200

Property Investing Flowchart

Avoid fumbling around working out what to do and making avoidable mistakes.  Investing in property is a sequence of steps that begins with finding a deal.  We share with you the process we have followed with every property project we have done.

Worth £200

Financial Security Planner

Do you know how many properties you need and why?  Being crystal clear as to what success means for you will massively increase your chances of success.  Our Financial Freedom Planner will help you work it out.

Worth £200

Investor Mindset Builder

We are not taught the skills we need to become successful investors.  There are 1000s of books on the subject (we know, we’ve read a lot of them!), which ones just tell it how it is and what you need to do?  We share with you the most important books to get the knowledge you need.

Worth £200

Coaching Support

We all need help sometimes and we include coaching email support to help you on your journey. * only included in annual professional plan.

Worth £3,000

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