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How to Set Property Alerts in BrickPal

Almost all of the deals that I have done happened because I moved quickly.

Somewhere between 60,000 and 90,000 properties are sold every month in the UK according to Great deals are out there but they go very quickly.

For example, I bought a wonderful flat in Clapham Junction within a couple of hours of it coming onto Rightmove! I was just lucky to have seen it when it came onto Rightmove, because I was working from home. I did some initial research, crunched the numbers in the spreadsheets and called the agent straight away to organise viewing and agreed price.

The property was Below Market Value (BMV), excellent location, cashflow and the vendor was motivated. The back story was the vendor was being messed about by a buyer for over a year. She was elderly and all she wanted to do was emigrate to live with her daughter who lived overseas. The price was not the motivation, speed and certainty was.

I was able to move quickly, was ready to buy and we got the deal done.

BrickPal helps you get in front of the competition with its Property Deal Alerts. Simply go to the Smart Search results page, with your chosen research criteria. Then click on ‘Save Search’ on the upper left and a new window will pop up.

Enter the name of the Search and select how quickly you’d like the alert to be sent to your email address. Options are ASAP, Daily, Weekly. You can also turn off the alert too.

Another way to see your list of Searches and Alerts is to got to Deals on the navigation bar and select Searches & Alerts from the menu. Select the search you want to look at, then click on Save Search on the upper left, and you can change the Alert frequency.

Such a simple feature but can make all the difference for getting great deals. Do set your alerts and be at the front of the queue for great deals.

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