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How to Save Interesting Properties for Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up

I’ll cover how to save interesting properties so that you can keep track of which ones you are working on. It is super easy.

But firstly, why is it a must to keep tracking properties? The reality is that most deals fall over during the purchasing process - I’ve heard numbers as high as a third! For example, unable to get lending, negotiations fall over, a problem is discovered that the buyer doesn’t want, and so on.

That’s why experienced property investors say the deal is in the follow-up. 'No' today does not mean 'no never' is a similar mantra that comes out of the professional business development community - well worth remembering.

To save a deal in BrickPal, from the Smart Search property results, click ‘View Deal’ to get to the Property Deal Analysis page.

Above the image of the property, you’ll see a ‘Save Deal’ button. Click that and BrickPal indicates ‘Deal Saved’ and turns the button yellow. You can unsave it by clicking it again. That’s it - told you it was easy.

To see all your saved deals, simply go to Deals on the navigation bar and select ‘Saved Deals’.

BrickPal will list out all saved deals and you can drill into them simply by clicking on ‘View Deal’.

A quick and easy way to stay on top of all the deals you are working on.

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