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How to install BrickPal's Rightmove Chrome Extension

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

BrickPal is designed to allow you to seamless moving between the BrickPal Portal (this website) and the Rightmove Chrome Extension. Do this after you have signed up for BrickPal to enhance your experience for increased productivity when looking at potential property deals.

What does BrickPal's Rightmove Chrome Extension look like?

The BrickPal Rightmove Chrome Extension adds extra functionality to your browser so that you can look at key information about a property. BrickPal adds two panels - one on the right and one on the left.

The right panel shows things like estimated cashflow, return on investment and the figures used to estimate the figures.

The left panel shows comparable information such similar for sale properties and rental rates within a radius area.

How to install it on your Google Chrome Browser?

It's a two-step process and it's really quick.

Firstly, you have to be using the Google Chrome browser - if you already have Google Chrome you can skip the next couple of steps.

To install Google Chrome browser, go to and search for Google

Then click on the download search result and you should be taken to this page, and just click on download.

Now you should have Google Chrome installed on your computer.

To download the BrickPal Rightmove Chrome Extension, again on Google, search for Google Web Store

You'll get the following result and click on the Chrome Web Store link as shown below.

And you'll get taken to the Chrome Web Store.

Then in the search box on the top left, enter BrickPal which will take you to the BrickPal download page.

Click on the BrickPal logo and you will be taken to the BrickPal page and simply click Add to Chrome.

Click Add Extension from the pop and the BrickPal Rightmove Chrome Extension will be installed. You're done!

Now every time you look at a property on Rightmove, the BrickPal Chrome Extension will appear so that you can work out if the property is for you.

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