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How to Find Great Properties with BrickPal

Let’s cover how to best use BrickPal to save you lots of time and effort and progressing your next deal.

The first thing to know is the properties on BrickPal are already filtered. BrickPal has already sifted out properties we don’t think are interesting, so you’re left with properties that BrickPal thinks have investment potential.

You now have to tell BrickPal which ones you’d like to see. You can do this in one of two way:

Smart Search

Log in to BrickPal, click ‘Search’ on the navigation bar, or the ‘Search everything’ box in the grid. This will take you to the smart search page, where you can enter your criteria on the left ‘Filters area’.

You can set filters like what return, what cashflow, level of BMV, postcode(s), strategy, price range, number of bedrooms, distance from station and region.

I usually start with all filters cleared (use ‘reset’ link on top left start afresh) and then put in my minimum cashflow and my maximum price and click the ‘update results’ button. Then refine from there.

Strategy Search

Strategy search allows you to click on a particular strategy box on the grid, such as refurbishment, repossessions, short leases, etc.

Strategies are ways to make money from a property or a situation, such as refurbishments and short leases.

Once you have clicked on a strategy, you can select a region of the UK and BrickPal will show you results in that area.

You can tweak the list by adjusting the filters on the left.

Sorting your filtered properties

You’ll likely get a large number of properties for your first search, and you can sort these. Use the ‘sort by’ dropdown on the upper right, to order by Date Added, Price, Monthly Cashflow and %BMV. You can also show the results started at the lowest and going up or starting at the highest and going down, using the ‘sort direction’.

That's it. Really simple and quick.

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